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Unveiling Mawar Dugong in 2024: The Magnificent Tale of Alor’s Dugong and a Community’s Bond

Unveiling Mawar Dugong in 2024 The Magnificent Tale of Alor's Dugong and a Community's Bond

In the turquoise waters of the Selat Pantar strait, nestled between the islands of Alor and Pantar in Indonesia, lives a gentle giant named Mawar Dugong. But Mawar Dugong isn’t your typical marine resident – she’s a dugong, a charismatic sea mammal often referred to as a “sea cow” due to its herbivorous diet and gentle demeanor. Mawar’s story, however, goes beyond just being a unique resident; it’s a tale of human-wildlife coexistence, local conservation efforts, and the enduring spirit of a community.

The Birth of a Bond: From Fear to Fascination

Mawar Dugong
Fig. 1. Mawar Dugong, the iconic creature in Pantar Strait Alor (source:

The story of Mawar Dugong begins with the “Bagan” fishermen of Alor in around 2016. Initially, the fishermen of Alor viewed dugongs with fear and suspicion, sometimes even mistaking them for sharks. However, Mawar’s gentle behavior and persistent curiosity gradually chipped away at their apprehension. He would approach their boats, seemingly seeking interaction and sparking a sense of wonder within the community.

Their traditional fishing platforms, resembling large platforms on stilts, attract plankton – a primary food source for dugongs. This unintentional attraction has led to a unique relationship between the fishermen and Mawar Dugong. The fishermen have observed Mawar Dugong for years, respecting his presence and ensuring his safety. They even gave him the affectionate name “Mawar,” which translates to “rose” in Indonesian, reflecting his gentle nature.

Mawar Dugong, estimated to be around 15 years old, is a male dugong. Dugongs are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, facing threats like habitat loss, accidental entanglement in fishing gear, and illegal hunting. However, in Alor, Mawar has found a safe haven. Local communities have embraced him as a cherished member of their marine ecosystem, fostering a unique bond built on respect and understanding.

Beyond the Surface: Unveiling the Threats and Conservation Efforts

Mawar Dugong
Fig. 2. Mawar Dugong, the gentle creature who face variouos threats (source:

Despite the heartwarming connection, dugongs in Indonesia face various threats. Habitat loss due to coastal development and unsustainable fishing practices endanger their populations. Recognizing these threats, the local communities of Alor, along with researchers and conservation organizations, have joined forces to protect Mawar and his kind.

Several initiatives have been implemented:

  • Community education and awareness: Engaging local communities in understanding the ecological importance of dugongs and fostering a sense of responsibility for their protection.
  • Monitoring and research: Collaborating with researchers to monitor Mawar Dugong’s health and movements, providing valuable data for conservation efforts.
  • Sustainable fishing practices: Promoting responsible fishing practices amongst local communities to minimize accidental entanglement and ensure healthy fish stocks.
  • Ecotourism initiatives: Exploring sustainable tourism opportunities centered around responsible dugong observation, generating income for local communities while promoting conservation awareness.

Mawar’s Legacy: A Beacon of Hope for Dugong Conservation

Mawar’s story serves as a beacon of hope, showcasing the positive impact of human-wildlife coexistence. By understanding and respecting dugongs, communities can play a crucial role in their conservation. Mawar’s tale not only inspires local communities but also resonates globally, reminding us of the importance of collaborative efforts and responsible practices in protecting our planet’s diverse marine life.

Unveiling the Verdict: A Story of Hope and Responsibility

Mawar’s story is more than just an account of a dugong; it’s a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and respect for nature. It reminds us that even small actions, when united, can make a significant impact on conservation efforts. By learning from Mawar’s tale, we can strive to create a future where humans and dugongs can coexist harmoniously, ensuring the survival of these gentle giants for generations to come.

Visiting Alor: Responsible Tourism and Witnessing the Magic

While witnessing Mawar’s presence firsthand can be an unforgettable experience, responsible tourism is crucial. Avoid chasing or harassing Mawar, and prioritize observing him from a safe distance. Choose tour operators committed to sustainable practices and respect for the local ecosystem.

Mawar’s story highlights the power of positive human-wildlife interaction. It demonstrates how fostering understanding and respect can pave the way for effective conservation. Tourists visiting Alor can play a vital role in supporting this delicate balance.

  • Choose responsible tour operators: Opt for operators who prioritize responsible interactions with Mawar, maintaining a respectful distance and avoiding any actions that could stress him.
  • Support conservation efforts: Look for opportunities to contribute to local conservation initiatives that protect dugongs and their habitat.
  • Spread awareness: Share Mawar’s story and the importance of dugong conservation with your friends and family, helping to amplify the message of responsible tourism.
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Mawar Dugong in Alor

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